Success Stories

As a leader in the fundraising and grant development industry since 1995, Resource Associates (RA) is a trustworthy organization that is dedicated to helping its clients reach and exceed their funding goals. RA and its associates are long time members of the New Mexico Better Business Bureau as well as a handful of other accredited grant writing and fundraising associations.

We have the highest standards in our grant product development and integrity in our business operations. Our business approach is consumer-driven and is built upon integrity, responsibility, and flexibility. We can adapt to your needs, big or small, urgent or long-term.

Recent grant award successes include, but are not limited to...

Colorado City Independent School District (TX) and Putnam County Board of Education (GA) have both been awarded Youth CareerConnect grants. The $3.4 million and $2.4 million awards will be used to integrate rigorous educational standards with work experiences and skills in ways that enhance instruction and deliver real-world learning opportunities for students. Only 24 grants were awarded and Resource Associates wrote the applications for two of the winning recipients.


Alaska Regional Consortium wins a $900,000 Emergency Response and Crisis Management grant to prepare for potential natural and manmade disasters.


Southwest Regional School District is awarded $1.8 million from the Alaska Native Education grant program to provide reading instructional technology and related interventions to help students meet state and national language arts standards.


US Liberia Charities is awarded over $400,000 to provide transitional housing services to troubled youth and runaways of Virginia.


Hawaii’s Campbell Complex secures the 21st Century Learning Centers grant for $2,291,492 over a five year period to bring academic enrichment and technology programs into seven high-needs Oahu schools. Nearly 700 students will be affected by these after school, weekend, and summertime programs.


Highlands Wisconsin is awarded a $400,000 rural distance learning and telemedicine grant (from the US Department of Agriculture) to build their technology infrastructure.


The Kinder International Education Foundation is awarded over $1.4 million to provide health and fitness programs to families and children of San Diego, CA.


Carter G. Woodson State Charter School of Challenge is awarded $1.6 million in NCLB 21st Century funds to deploy a region-wide initiative in North Carolina to keep children off drugs while offering academic remediation and enrichment opportunities throughout the school year.



"Since I began using Resource Associates over 10 years ago, the two rural Alaska school districts that I have been the Superintendent of have been awarded over $5 million in state and federal grant funds. They are everything and more in what I need from a grant writer. The grant evaluation services are also top notch and the professional evaluation services score well on the applications. Since I first contracted with Resource Associates, way back when, I have not used anyone else."

- Eric Gebhart, Superintendent Nenana City School District


"I am with a for-profit firm that assists cities and counties to build their financial capacity. I have hired Resource Associates a multitude of times to write grants for my clients which has resulted in over $5 million of much needed discretionary funding."

- April Broadway, Vice President of N'finity Consulting


"I just finished the 2 day grant writer mentoring. It was truly one of the best, most effective trainings I have ever experienced and it was completely customized to my skill level and needs."

- Leslie Schnoll Fitzpatrick, Development Director of Alternative Homes for Youth


"I have used other grant writers in the past and I can honestly say that Resource Associates is the best in the US, hands down."

- Aynn Daniels, President of N'finity Consulting

“Expert Writers...”

"My domestic violence shelter just received a $500,000 grant. Thank you so much, Resource Associates, for helping us improve the lives of Navajo women and children."

- Gloria Champion, Executive Director of Shiprock Women's and Children's Home


"The Compassion Capital Grant and Drug Free Communities Grant that Resource Associates wrote for my ministry were both awarded. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Rev. Joseph Henderson, President of Tower Ministries