Business Grant Writing

Sub Icon Only a few types of businesses qualify for grant funds. Businesses providing community oriented services, research and development, housing, workforce development, childcare, medical services, or that are in the agricultural industry have the most grants available to them. Other types of businesses, like hair salons, will only potentially qualify for small business loans, not grants. Take a look at our low cost services for businesses. You may find that by incorporating your business as a non-profit or by slightly adjusting your business model, that grant writing can be extremely valuable to your bottom line.

Grant Writers.

Thousands of small businesses and for-profit entities contact Resource Associates each year to inquire about the grant funding opportunities for capital purchases and business start-up that they had heard about on TV. Despite the promises of "free money" and "unlimited grants for debt relief and business development" from advertisers trying to sell costly books and training, it does not take long for those who contact our offices to uncover the truth behind the hype and gimmicks.

There is not a lot of grant money available for businesses and for-profits and it really does take a professional grant writer to compete for the limited resources that do exist.

At Resource Associates, we believe that the “free money” hype does nothing more than create false hope and waste our clients’ time and resources. In order to better serve you and prevent potential disappointment, Resource Associates has researched and assessed the grant funding trends of businesses and related for-profit entities over the past several years. This process has enabled our consultants to sift through the hype and uncover the true funding opportunities in which businesses are most likely to acquire grant awards.

Resource Associates is proud to offer several affordable services that are uniquely designed to help businesses and for-profit entities obtain grant funding. Determining if your business is eligible to even apply for a grant is an important first step - and we provide this service free of charge. A simple phone call to our office (or an e-mail inquiry to our grant wizard at, will help us understand the business services you are (or will be) providing and will help us determine the following things: if there are grants available for your type of business; what other low interest loan/grant resources are available if professional grant development services are not a worthwhile investment or option; and what the next steps should be to either pursue funding through Resource Associates or independently. Our consultants are trustworthy and will honestly and reliably tell you the truth regarding your potential ability and likelihood of acquiring grant funding as opposed to trying to sell you worthless books and useless services.

If your business is considered to be grant eligible, Resource Associates will then (and only then) be able to offer you an array of affordable services that will help you find (and apply for) the very best grant opportunities with little time and investment from your organization. These business development and capacity building services include, but are not limited to:

Grant Research Services

After thoroughly discussing your financial and business growth needs, a consultant will research upcoming funding opportunities and will develop a detailed report of grant, loan, procurement, and venture capital funding competitions for which you are eligible to apply and likely to be awarded. Depending on the type of funding your organization needs, our ‘Grant Research Opportunity’ (GRO) report will typically include anywhere from 20 funding competitions to 50 plus. We only put the most appropriate funding opportunities in the report which will reduce time and future research efforts as you prepare your annual grant development schedule with our staff. This also places you in our grant alert system so that when new grants come out, we will alert you and offer you consulting in making the decision whether to go for the grant or not -- free of charge. This research and report development process takes us up to four weeks to complete, at which time we will e-mail you your GRO report and then meet with you to thoroughly review the report, prioritize the funding opportunities, and establish your grant schedule for the year. Fee: $500

Incorporate as a Non-Profit

Many organizations find that it is much easier to pursue and acquire grant funding if they register as a non-profit corporation (as appropriate). The process of acquiring a non-profit corporation certificate, however, is extremely time consuming and technical. Our consultants can help by developing the entire 501(c)(3) application package which includes bylaws and articles of incorporation at an affordable flat fee rate. Fee: $1,750 (this does not include additional filing fees required by the state and/or IRS, as applicable).

Business Plan Development

A detailed business plan and marketing analysis report will be developed for your organization which will enhance your ability to qualify for SBA and other low interest loans. Fee: $2,800

Grant or procurement proposal writing

Resource Associates offers professional grant proposal writing services that include the collaborative planning of the grant program design, development of the full narrative and budget, and submission of the proposal. Fee: $500 to $3,300 per grant (depending on the length of the grant narrative).

For more information on Resource Associates' business development services, please contact our offices at 505.326.4245 for a free consultation.



"Since I began using Resource Associates over 10 years ago, the two rural Alaska school districts that I have been the Superintendent of have been awarded over $5 million in state and federal grant funds. They are everything and more in what I need from a grant writer. The grant evaluation services are also top notch and the professional evaluation services score well on the applications. Since I first contracted with Resource Associates, way back when, I have not used anyone else."

- Eric Gebhart, Superintendent Nenana City School District


"I am with a for-profit firm that assists cities and counties to build their financial capacity. I have hired Resource Associates a multitude of times to write grants for my clients which has resulted in over $5 million of much needed discretionary funding."

- April Broadway, Vice President of N'finity Consulting


"I just finished the 2 day grant writer mentoring. It was truly one of the best, most effective trainings I have ever experienced and it was completely customized to my skill level and needs."

- Leslie Schnoll Fitzpatrick, Development Director of Alternative Homes for Youth


"I have used other grant writers in the past and I can honestly say that Resource Associates is the best in the US, hands down."

- Aynn Daniels, President of N'finity Consulting

“Expert Writers...”

"My domestic violence shelter just received a $500,000 grant. Thank you so much, Resource Associates, for helping us improve the lives of Navajo women and children."

- Gloria Champion, Executive Director of Shiprock Women's and Children's Home


"The Compassion Capital Grant and Drug Free Communities Grant that Resource Associates wrote for my ministry were both awarded. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Rev. Joseph Henderson, President of Tower Ministries